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About Us

Our Mission

To attract more interest to the 750 MC. To get more people interested in motor sport.

Company Overview

The 750 Motor Club Scotland is a Forfar based car club that organizes navigational rally's and autotests. We also compete in the East/North East of Scotland events. The 750 car club is holding autotest training during the winter months. These events aim at teaching people of all ages over 15 how to compete in an autotest. Dates will be added on the wall.


What is autotesting?

Competitors are required to drive around a course defined by cones. The route map may require some reversing as well as driving forwards. Penalty points are accumulated for every second of time taken to complete the course and further penalties are given for errors such as striking a cone. Each event will consist of a number of tests and each competitor will have 2 runs at each test with their best time to count for results. At the end of the event the competitor with the fewest penalty points is the winner.


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Telephone: (+44)7966049692 (Daniel Rae)

Telephone: (+44)7803296592 (Charlie Brown)

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